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Managing stiffness and aches

by Sonia Chartier, on 8 September 2014, Muscle and joint

Are you one of those people who wake up in the morning and slowly straighten your fingers one by one? Do your knees crack when you stand up after just a short time relaxing in your chair? If not you, then someone around you?

Stiffness, aches and pains seem to be some of the everyday curses of 21st Century life. Younger and younger people are seeking an effective remedy.

Inflammation is a useful part of the body’s defenses. However if the inflammatory response is prolonged, it can become a debilitating part of the disease process rather than the healing. It isn’t just people with long term conditions that are affected, but those who have injured themselves playing sports or practicing a hobby such as gardening a little too strenuously, and need anti-inflammatory help to get their injury healed and their limbs back into action.

What should you do?
It is important to reduce the acid forming foods such as processed foods, meat, dairy products, vinegar, tomatoes and citrus. A daily intake of 8 to 10 servings of fruits and vegetables will maintain healthy joints and strong bones.

Avoid eggplants, tomatoes, potatoes and green/red/orange/yellow peppers as they increase inflammation.

Many people find that conventional anti-inflammatory medication doesn’t work very well or becomes less effective after a couple of weeks. This is a common phenomenon. Fortunately, a gel made from fresh, organically grown arnica flower heads has been shown to exert a pain-relieving and inflammation-inhibiting action with a very great level of efficacy.

What is Arnica?
Arnica montana, a member of the sunflower family, is a perennial with a bright yellow flower that blooms in July. Its sunny colour makes it easily spotted, and it is the flower  head itself that contains the active ingredients that make it of interest medicinally.

Arnica montana is indigenous to the mountain forests and meadows of central Europe as its name indicates. It has been a popular medicinal plant for centuries. Fortunately Arnica’s medicinal use is based on solid scientific evidence, and has now been proven by clinical trials.

In a study of people with osteoarthritis of at least one knee joint, applying Absolüt Arnica Gel onto the joints twice daily gave them significant treatment success after just 3 weeks. The inflammatory pain diminished considerably[i].

Also consider…
Another great herbal is Devil’s Claw.  It is one of the most effective herbal anti-inflammatory. It also has a regulating effect on the immune system.

Finally, Stinging Nettle helps eliminate acids that have a damaging effect on the joints. It also contains high amounts of silica, a mineral that helps repair damaged tissues in the body and more specifically the joints and has a slight antiinflammatory effect.


[i] Knuesel O et al. Advances in Therapy 2002; 19 (5): 209 – 218.

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