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Simple tips for relieving heavy leg syndrome

by Sonia Chartier, on 6 June 2016, Healthy legs - varicose veins
heavy leg syndrome

One in two women suffer from venous insufficiency and “heavy leg syndrome.”

The problem is even more pronounced in summer, when heat dilates blood vessels and slows blood flow…

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5 tips to avoid heavy legs on plane

by Sonia Chartier, on 24 May 2016, Circulation, Healthy legs - varicose veins
Heavy legs

co-written by Rick Olazabal, BSc, BN 

No matter what form of transportation you use, sitting still for long periods of time can put you at risk for deep venous thrombosis.

This condition has earned the facetious nickname of “economy-class syndrome”, as it reflects the canned sardine-like nature of airplane seats in the economy class—and reduced leg space…
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