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We also make high nutritional demands of A.Vogel products. They are made of garden fresh ingredients and are subjected to regular quality controls.

The ways in which we guarantee the quality of A.Vogel products:

  • We standardise our herbal products taking into account the totality of the active constituents. This is done by choosing high quality seed types, the most favourable cultivation methods, an ideal harvest time, a strictly controlled production process and the mixing of many individual harvest batches.  In this way we can guarantee an ever-constant efficacy of products.
  • By means of organic cultivation and the exclusive use of natural aids and methods of extraction, possible side effects from foreign substances are ruled out.
  • Cleanliness is of the highest order: our production sites are divided into strict hygiene zones.
  • The production steps are overseen regularly utilising a number of laboratory controls.
  • A.Vogel products are only released and delivered once they have undergone final quality control.

Research in the Tradition of Alfred Vogel

Alfred Vogel left us a great heritage, a great sense of responsibility, clear values and an important task. Our goal is to become better and better. For this reason, research in our laboratories is intensive:

  • We are constantly developing new products and new methods of analysis.
  • Good is not good enough for us:  we are optimising our existing products, e.g. we are researching and proving their effectiveness by means of clinical trials.
  • To ensure effective herbal remedies, we use the complete range of constituents in a plant and not individual, isolated substances.
  • We register natural remedies with the medical authorities of the different countries in which we operate.
  • And we guarantee that you will continue to receive exclusive, effective natural remedies and healthy, high quality foodstuffs from A.Vogel.

All our research is based on the basic ideas of Alfred Vogel.  Nature and respect for Nature are central to our efforts.


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