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How flexible are you?

Articulation Evaluation: Are your joints healthy?

Please answer the following questions. You will obtain a brief evaluation of your muscular and joint mobility based on your answers in addition to some information and advice.

What is your level of difficulty performing the following functions?
Total Score
Erase answers
Going up or down the stairs none moderate extreme
Rising from sitting position none moderate extreme
Getting in/out of a car none moderate extreme
Putting on socks or pantyhose none moderate extreme
Using scissors none moderate extreme
Buttoning a shirt or sweater none moderate extreme
Are your joint visibly different from before (i.e. swollen, reddish, deformed)? no yes
Do you take any medication for the treatment of rheumatic complaints? no yes
Do you eat red meat more than once a week (pork, beef etc.)? no yes
Do you suffer from morning stiffness? no yes
Do you eat less than 5 portions of fruit or vegetable per day? no yes
Have you ever been treated for rheumatic or joint conditions? no yes
Do you exercise less than two times a week? (Eg. walking, yoga, swimming, golf) no yes


(Only if you answered to all questions)

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