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Ginkgo benefits

Ginkgo Extra is known to have an effect on microcirculation.


When cells and organs are well irrigated and rich in oxygen, it affects the whole body.  That is why Ginkgo Extra may be useful in many cases.

First, please consult Ginkgo Extra product page, including the drug interactions section.


Healthy schoolchildren may benefit from Ginkgo Extra's positive effects to improve their memory during exam periods.

Elderly people

By improving microcirculation and therefore bringing more oxygen to the cells. Ginkgo Extra helps to increase mental alertness, reduces memory losses and favors concentration.

People with cold hands and feet or suffering from Raynaud's disease

By having better blood flow, all organs and extremities of the body "warm up" with blood rich in oxygen and nutrients.  Moreover, Ginkgo extract has been recognized in 1999 by the World Health Organisation to relieve Raynaud's disease symptoms.1

Migraine sufferers

Research has shown that migraine sufferers may improve or eliminate their problem by taking Ginkgo extract2.

Erectile dysfunction in men

The male reproductive organ, which is a highly vascular organ, may benefit from the microcirculation effects of Ginkgo.  Some studies done with men suffering from erectile dysfunction caused by deficient blood circulation have shown an improvement in their sexual performances after taking a Ginkgo extract2.  Other studies will have to be done to recommend this product to that effect.  Please consult a healthcare practitioner first.

*over 12 years old

[1] Muir AH, Robb R, et al. The use of Ginkgo biloba in Raynaud’s disease : a double-blind placebo-controlled trial, Vasc Med 2002;7(4): 265-267.

[2]Siegfried Gursche, MH; Zoltan Rona, MD, MSc, Encyclopedia of Natural Healing and The Alive Research Group, p.273.

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