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Ginkgo Extra clinical studies

Spectacular results of one of these microcirculation studies with Ginkgo Extra , plus the result of a product safety and tolerance study done by physicians.


Only a few research groups worldwide have the equipment and experience to carry out modern microcirculation research. The "Institute for Microcirculation" in Berlin is the leading research centre on microcirculation in Europe. We have conducted  studies with Dr. Rainer Klopp, Director of the Institute and recognized expert of microcirculation.

A.Vogel Ginkgo Extra: increases the microcirculation in elderly patients1

Study group: 32 healthy individuals aged between 60-70 years old; 16 were treated with A.Vogel Ginkgo Extra and 16 untreated.
Dosage: 2x3 tablets/day
Method: Intra vital microscopy, investigation in two target tissues (skin on lower arm and gums)
Increase of capillary network in the deep layer of the skin of a patient's forearm at the beginning and after 30 days of treatment with Ginkgo Extra

A.Vogel Ginkgo Extra tolerance1

Safety trial done by 11 general practitioners in Switzerland in 2004 to assess the safety and tolerance of A.Vogel Ginkgo Extra for elderly patients.

Study group: 59 patients (15 men/44 women; average age 72 years old) with mild to moderate memory impairments of the non-Alzheimer type.
Treatment duration: 6 weeks
Dosage: 2x1 tablet/day

  • Rating was good or very good for A.Vogel Ginkgo Extra in over 80% of all cases.
  • 30 to 40% of patients saw an improvement of concentration, memory and forgetfulness.

[1] Poster 2004 International Congress on Natural Products Research, July/August 2004, Phoenix AZ

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