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I think the prolapsed prostate is interfering with urine flow and waking me too much at night making me quite tired during day. There is controversial evidence that saw palmetto can shrink the prostate gland. what do you say to this? Can your product possibly shrink it?

Prostate enlargement is due to two different factors:

  • An increase in DHT (dehydrotestosterone), stimulates the multiplication of prostate cells which does increase the size of the gland. This type of testosterone also has an inflammatory effect on the prostate.  
  • An increase in pro-inflammatory prostaglandines (LUX and COX) which also contribute the the enlargement of the prostate.  

Taking Saw Palmetto reduces the production of DHT back to normal which stops the multiplication of prostate cells and reduce the inflammation.  It also helps reduce the production of pro-inflammatory prostaglandines which also decrease the inflammation.  

All this does contribute to a decrease in size, since the inflammation is coming down, but the prostate will never go back to its original size since there is nothing that will remove the excess prostate cells.  

If you compare the efficiency Prostate 1 (saw palmetto) to conventional medication for the prostate is it about equivalent since they will also reduce the inflammation and stop the multiplication of cells, but Prostate 1 is proven efficient in improving libido and erectile function contrarily to conventional medication that make those worst.

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