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What men are saying about
Prostate 1 Sabalasan®

Unedited testimonials


On this page, you will find a selection of unedited testimonials, obtained from men who have benefited from using A.Vogel Prostate 1 Sabalasan® capsules.

"I seem to be able to control my BPH".

"I have taken this product for decades...many decades. I would be lost without it."

“In the past, I have used many medications to get rid of my prostate problem, mainly difficulty to urinate. I experienced many side effects such as swollen ankles. One day I switched to Sabalasan, a natural herbal remedy, and it was as efficient as regular medication without side effects! Once again, I feel comfortable!“

"Words cannot express my joy and gratitude for your help. After only 3 nights and 3 capsules of Sabalasan for my prostate  problem, I am now down to getting up only twice per night instead of 6-7 times. This has been a very enriching health experience. Thank you!"

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