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Bambu®coffee substitute

Bambu is gentle on the heart and on the nervous system, to help achieve internal balance!


An introduction from Marie Claude

With a taste similar to that of coffee, A.Vogel Bambu is a velvety smooth drink with a delicate flavour.

Made from high quality natural and organic ingredients only, Bambu adds the perfect touch to your favourite recipes such as smoothies, mousses and puddings, cakes, muffins and truffles.

Bambu is delicious when served hot or cold, in water or even in milk for a creamier texture. Organic, vegan and caffeine-free, Bambu is gentle on the heart and on the nervous system, to help achieve internal balance!

In this original Swiss recipe made from 100% natural and organic ingredients, Bambu blends the subtle bittersweet yet smooth taste from chicory with that of cereals, acorn and sundried Turkish figs.

Chicory - The thickened roots, which look like turnips, are first dried, roasted and then grounded. Chicory has been a common alternative to coffee for a long time because of its similar bitterness.

Wheat and barley – Are full of minerals and nutrients such as silicic acid. The barley is malted, i.e. moistened and brought to germination, then roasted and grounded, giving Bambu its subtle roasted aroma.

Figs – Sundried Turkish figs provide mineral nutrients, energy and their incomparable fruity taste to A.Vogel Bambu.

Acorns – Rich in tannins. The fully ripened fruits are pealed, crushed and lightly roasted.

Delightful coffee substitute made from figs, grains, acorns and chicory

  • Naturally caffeine free, gentle on the stomach, the heart and the nervous system
  • Perfect to replace coffee in all recipes
  • No artificial colour or flavour
  • Lactose free, vegan, organic, 100% natural
  • GMO free

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