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Does Bambu® contain gluten?

Health Canada’s position regarding a gluten-free allegation does not specify any specific threshold of gluten content in products for it to be labelled as gluten-free. However, Health Canada does specify that a gluten protein content of less than 20 ppm does not usually pose a health risk for consumers suffering from celiac disease.

Bambu non organic: barley and malt are a source of gluten. However, through a special production process, gluten is eliminated from the grains, and the finished product specifications show that it contains less than 20 ppm of gluten. Even if the product meets the criterion to be considered gluten-free, the fact that it contains barley prevents us from labelling it as such.

A.Vogel Bambu Instant: barley and wheat are both sources of gluten. The finished product contains over 100 ppm of gluten. It cannot be recommended for people suffering from celiac disease.

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