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Menopause Q&A

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  • What are severe menopause symptoms like?

    The most common menopausal symptoms are the hot flashes and night sweats. In severe cases women can suffer over 50 of them a day! They can get soak and wet so they need to change their clothes and change their bed sheets at night! But those are not ... Read more >
  • Is hair loss a symptom of menopause?

    During all the hormonal changes of menopause, it often happen that the thyroid is under a lot of stress and slows down more that it should. Their is a very high incidence of new cases of hypothyroidism during menopause but often it will start ... Read more >
  • Are sore nipples a symptom of menopause?

    Sore breasts can certainly be a menopausal symptom, especially at the start when there may be a lot of hormonal fluctuation. However, any changes in breast condition are best checked out by your doctor first before taking anything. Once you know ... Read more >

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