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The next stage in my life

At 44, I thought I was a bit young to be going through the menopause, but 2012 turned out to be my introduction to the next stage in my life.
My periods were, for want of a better word, erratic. Some months nothing and the others I had 2 periods a month. Most of the time I didn’t know when they were coming, or how heavy they would be. Then finally nothing.
I decided to get my blood checked, which confirmed that my hormone levels had changed and the “big M” had started. Then the sweats began – between 10-14 during the day and at least 6 through the night. Three weeks later I had hardly slept. I was exhausted, felt run down and wasn’t eating properly.
A friend heard about my sweats and recommended the Menopause product. She told me that it would take a while before I would feel any better. So I persisted, taking one small tablet a day.
Well, 3 weeks later, I feel a different woman. I’m down to 2 sweats during the day and 1 at night and I feel so much better, more energetic and better rested.
Give it a try girls, I’m sure you will feel an improvement too. Thank you A Vogel.
Eileen comments:
Excellent to hear of your good experience. At the start of the menopause oestrogen levels sometimes plummet dramatically, which can trigger sweats and flushes equally dramatically. Sage can often be the answer particularly if no other symptoms are showing up at the time. Finding a natural, simple solution is so satisfying!

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