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Anti-Stress helps with insomnia related to nervous agitation, anxiety and light depression. Works well on improving moods.



Avenaforce helps with insomnia due to burnout or overwork and for those at the end of their rope! Also good for people who claim to be “too tired” to sleep. Helps to recharge the batteries during sleep. Works on the body more than the mind.

Deep Sleep

Difficulty initiating or maintaining sleep.

Deep Sleep improves quality of sleep. Promotes longer deep sleep and helps to decrease sleep onset time.

This fast acting valerian-hops tincture combination is absorbed as soon as you take it. Deep Sleep is clinically proven1 to improve sound sleep* up to 25%.

Passion Flower

Stressful times/Long term effect

Passion Flower is a mild relaxant recommended for adults and children. Helps to relax gradually during stressful periods. 

Siberian Ginseng

Fatigue, declining capacity for work

Siberian Ginseng contains polysaccharides that have been shown to boost the functioning of the immune system. As this herb also increases energy, it can be helpful for short term crises, such as moving house.

St.John’s Wort

Restlessness, anxiety and depressive moods

St. John's Wort is the most thoroughly researched herbal plant. Recognized as a treatment for mild to moderate depression, psychosomatic troubles and anxiety/ depressive symptoms related to menopause. This remedy minimizes feelings of sadness for thus better sleeping.


High stress level/Short term

Powerful relaxant for insomnia. Also good when stress levels are high. Valerian allows you to reach mental calmness and to quickly reach a deeply relaxed state. Excellent in cases of stress surges.

Caution should be taken in some cases as it may have the opposite effect and act as a stimulant. Not suitable for children.

Vital Energy

Fatigue and increased stress

Vital Energy is a unique blend of plants that acts at three levels: resistance to stress, balance, and a healthy nervous system. Rapid and long-lasting effectiveness.

1 Justus-Liebig-University Giessen, Germany; A double blind randomized placebo-controlled.* Phases III & IV of sleeping, the deepest sleep phases and the most important.

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