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Is it a cold or allergies?

Not easy to identify?


Have a look below to know more about it and get to the right product for your symptom.


Allergies  Symptom Solution
Cough   Bronchosan
Santasapina Syrup - soothing cough syrup
Feeling tired Avenaforce
Watery eyes   Allergy Relief
Sore Throat     Echinaforce
Sore Throat Spray
Sneezing If is an allergic rhinitis: Allergy Relief
Runny nose Echinaforce
Allergy Relief
Nasal congestion If is an allergic rhinitis: Allergy Relief Spray
If it is a cold: Sinna Spray
Itchy nose and/or eyes   Allergy Relief Spray
Allergy Relief
Chills   Echinaforce Extra Hot Drink
Light fever   Body temperature rising is a normal process to counteract an infection.  The main reason to reduce fever is to relieve the associated discomforts.

Drink a lot of water and rest.
Throat tingling Echinaforce
Sore Throat Spray
Light headache   Topical application: Peppermint essential oil
White Willow
Sudden onset of symptoms   Allergy Relief


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