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I have tried so many allergy medications...nothing seems to work. What would be different with sinna spray and tablets?

Allergies are due to hyper-reactions of the immune system to a particular, normally harmless, substance in the environment. These substances are called allergens and the most common ones are dust, pollen, animal hair and grasses. 

Food allergies are caused by dairy products, eggs, wheat and corn although medications can also be a source of allergic reaction (ex. Penicillin and Aspirin). 

Metals in jewelry, cosmetics, household cleansing products and perfumes are common sources skin allergies. 

When an allergen comes into contact with the skin, the lining of the respiratory tract or the lining of the digestive tract, it causes inflammation, redness, itching, swelling and increased mucus secretion. Like many other illnesses, the underlying cause of allergies is due to a combination of factors. 

1. Increased pollution and increased toxicity of the body is one contributing factor. It offers an extra challenge for the immune system. 

2. Food introduced too early to babies is another factor. Children should be on breast milk only, until they are about 6 months old. Before 6 months, they do not have the enzymes available for a proper digestion. Breast milk actually supports the immune system of babies and helps prevent abnormalities in its functions. Homogenization of cow's milk changes the structure of fat molecules and pasteurization kills friendly bacteria and enzymes.

3. Emotional or physical stresses increase the susceptibility to allergies. Regular exercise, relaxation methods and a healthy diet help reduce stress. Supporting the liver is the first step in dealing with allergic reactions since it is the liver that will break down the allergen-antibodies complexes and diminish the intensity of the allergic reaction.

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