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bioSnacky Broccoli Rapini seeds

bioSnacky® Broccoli Rapini Sprouting Seeds


$ 2.98

Broccoli sprouts contain a naturally-occurring compound called sulforaphane glucosinolate, which has, according to research an …
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bioSnacky Drainage Syphon Filter for Original sprouter

Red Drainage Syphon Filter for bioSnacky® Original sprouter

1 red cap

$ 1.49

Replacement Red Drainage Syphon Filter (Red cap) for the 3-Tier Original Biosnacky® Sprouter.
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bioSnacky Fitness Mix

bioSnacky® Fitness Mix with wheat seeds


$ 2.98

Mix of wheat seeds, mung beans and radish. This unique mix provides a subtle, mildly piquant taste which adds interest to your meals. …
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bioSnacky Glass Sprouting Jar

bioSnacky Sprouting Jar

1 Jar

$ 9.98

The Glass Germinator is made from environmentally friendly glass and PP (polypropylene). PP is free from cadmium, formaldehyde and …
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bioSnacky Gourmet Mix

bioSnacky® Gourmet Mix


$ 2.98

bioSnacky® Mix of lentils, white radish and arugula seeds. The delicate taste of this mix gives a distinctive flavour to soups, …
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bioSnacky Lid for Original sprouter

bioSnacky Sprouter lid

1 lid

$ 3.49

Replacement lid for the 3-Tier Original Biosnacky® Sprouter.
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