7 tips to manage your energy this holiday season

Here is how you can manage your energy and make your holiday a memorable and enjoyable one for all the right reasons.

Stress and sleep

Sarah N Vincent
Sarah N Vincent

10 December 2018

It’s oh so fun, but it can be overwhelming and exhausting! The holiday dinners, parties, markets and visits to see Santa. Family gatherings and school plays, shopping, there is so much to do and so much food! One can easily be out with friends or entertaining at home every weekend.

It can become overwhelming

Sadly, a time of year that should be filled with cheer, often becomes a time of year where many feel the most overwhelmed and seriously stressed out! Along with what maybe be your very busy end of year at work, fewer hours of daylight, colder weather, the kids have parties at school and also outside of school, you have work parties, parties with friends, family gatherings (on both sides), charitable events and of course don’t forget your own family’s Christmas. Wow I’m tired just typing that! Between the whirlwind of getting your work done, shopping, cooking, baking, socializing, driving everyone around and keeping your own house in order, you may start to feel overwhelmed by it all and then find yourself dreading this time instead of enjoying it.

Here is how you can manage your energy and make your holiday a memorable and enjoyable one for all the right reasons.

1. Plan Ahead

Write out your calendar of events from late November up until January 2nd then take a step back from it to see how you feel about it. Check in with yourself and see if you are feeling excited or anxious and avoidant.

If you are feeling the later, go back and start reducing the number of commitments on your schedule until you can look at your schedule of events and feel happy about it. Figure out what is important to you and your family, what gives meaning to the season for your and your family and focus on those things. If something doesn’t support your family’s meaning of Christmas, then skip it.

Having a plan down on paper for the family to see will help keep everyone organized, reduce stress, anxiety and feelings of being overwhelmed, it will also give everyone something to look forward to.

2. It’s OK to Say No

It’s ok to say no. You don’t have to be and physically can’t be at every fundraiser and every holiday party. You don’t have to take on 100% of the planning, hosting, baking, crafts and cooking.

Ask others to plan certain parts of the event and bring crafts, food or drinks as well! Say yes to only the things that matter most to you and will add to your holiday cheer.

3. Stick With Your Healthy Habits

Keep going to the gym and stick to your healthy eating. It will help keep you healthy (fight off colds and flus), keep the extra holiday pounds off and it will help keep your energy high. By ensuring your body has all the nutrients it needs, you give yourself the physical and mental ability to have a hearty constitution when you encounter colds, flus or stress in general.

4. Take a Great Supplement

I personally like to take supplements that will cover several bases and have wide ranging effects. This is why I like A. Vogel’s Bio-Strath. It’s a multivitamin and tonic. It not only provides vitamins and trace minerals that your body needs, but those vitamins, minerals and amino acids are all very bioavailable. This means that they are easily absorbed and utilized by your body. This is a very important point because many supplements look alike, but not all are effective.

Bio-Strath is affective effective because it’s easily absorbed by your body thanks to their unique and gentle production process using plasmolysed yeast. Not only does it provide your body with the micronutrients it needs, but according to a study done by Dörling, those who use Bio-Strath report a 64% improvement in concentration, fatigue, vitality, as well as physical and mental performance. Translation, you’ll feel more physically energetic and be more mentally sharp!

5. Take Time Out

Make time for your own down time or quiet time. It can be as little as 15 minutes of quiet, disconnected time to yourself and that may be just what you need to help you get through a challenging moment.

Be sure to incorporate deep breathing and maybe even a few stretches. Take a walk, get some fresh air, deepen and slow your breathing, clear your mind and restore your mental calm. It may be just what you need to help you refocus on what is important to you over the holidays.

6. Make Sleep a Priority

Everything is better when you get a good night sleep, so push this one to the top of your list of must dos. If you’re having a hard time sleeping, try A.Vogel’s Passion Flower. It’s an effective botanical that helps calm the mind and sends you off to sleep peacefully.

7. Slow Down and Reconnect

It’s easy for the holiday season to pass you by in a blur of food, drinks, twinkling lights and fun festive music. Take a moment each day to slow down and regardless of whether you are a host or a guest, take three slow deep breaths, then count to five. Close your eyes when you do this. This helps calm you mentally and physically and brings you in to the moment (helps you to be more present in the moment).

A great time to slow down is when you’re eating. This has many benefits such as improved digestion, less chance of overeating and more enjoyment of what you are eating.

To do this, take the same three deep breaths, count to five and then afterwards be mindful of the texture, aroma and flavours in your food. You may start to notice details that you hadn’t experienced before.


Dörling E., Bio-Strath® and increased performance, a double-blind study with Bio-Strath® Food Supplement on 60 test subjects. SWISS PHARMA 1981; 11:27-37

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