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Cold and Flu

Krista Halton

02 December 2017

Officials are predicting that this year’s flu season will be rough on Canadians due to the minimal protection from the 2017-2018 virus vaccine, now estimated at only 10% effectiveness.

However, A.Vogel’s clinically proven Echinaforce® offers some light at the end of the forthcoming dark winter tunnel as a highly effective addition to the flu vaccine that will help boost your protection by over 50%.

A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) last week reported that the Influenza A (H3N2) viruses will be this year’s predominant strain. Historically H3N2 has produced more severe seasons and that children and the elderly are at a particular risk.

“Considering the NEJM’s recent report and the changing strains of viruses currently attacking the population, now more than ever, it is important that Canadians consider complementary measures that can help in the prevention, and if necessary the treatment of colds and flu,” said Sherry Torkos, pharmacist and author of the Canadian Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine.

A.Vogel’s Echinaforce® is an effective remedy made from fresh, organic Echinacea purpurea and is clinically proven to help Canadians, aged 2 and up, reduce their chances of falling victim to seasonal viruses despite their strain.

A.Vogel’s Echinaforce® line of products has been trusted worldwide for over 60 years and now has over 20 published studies under its belt including the largest clinical study on Echinacea purpurea in history, done in 2012 by Scientists at the Common Cold Centre at Cardiff University. The study proved that Echinaforce® can be taken daily for up to four months to significantly reduce chances of catching a virus by over 50%.

The results refuted previous negative publicity on Echinacea and rekindled health care professionals’ faith in recommending clinically studied forms of it by proving its effectiveness in strengthening the immune system and in reducing the incidence and duration of cold and flu symptoms.

“Because there is a great variance among echinacea products, I always emphasize the importance of choosing one that has been clinically researched with proven efficacy. Echinaforce by A.Vogel has been demonstrated to have broad antiviral effects, including activity against H3N2,” said Torkos.

According to Health Canada, southern Alberta and southern Ontario have been the hardest-hit regions thus far. The virus has already killed five people in the Calgary area.

In addition to its strong preventative research, A.Vogel’s Echinaforce® products also have astounding clinical results for influenza treatment as well.

In 2015, another double blind placebo controlled study went further, showing Echinaforce® Hot Drink to be as effective as Oseltamivir (Tamiflu), the gold standard antiviral prescription medication, used to block the actions of influenza virus types A and B in your body.

Echinaforce® Hot Drink outperformed Oseltamivir in measures of risk of complications and safety and side effects. In the Oseltamivir group, pneumonia, sinusitis, bronchitis and other complications occurred at a higher rate compared to the Echinaforce® Hot Drink group.

Unlike Oseltamivir, Echinaforce® Hot Drink’s availability as an over-the- counter medicine makes it an optimal treatment for influenza at the earliest onset of symptoms, which is a key factor when treating this common viral infection. It also does not cause rebound effects on discontinuation and does not lose effectiveness when taken repeatedly.

With the recent spike of influenza across Canada, Canadians need to practice extra caution as they hug and kiss their way into the New Year.


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