A.Vogel’s Menopause Flash: Is menopause worse in summer?

Hello and welcome to another edition of A.Vogel’s Menopause Flash. I’ve had quite a lot of women asking me why their menopause symptoms get worse in the summer or when they’re on vacation. So I thought I’d go into a little bit more detail on that today, because here in Canada, summer vacation season is just around the corner and a lot of you will be preparing to enjoy it either here or abroad.


Mackie Vadacchino

21 June 2018

Hot flashes and night sweats

Not surprisingly, the main symptoms affected by heat are hot flashes and night sweats. This is quite logical because the majority of hot flashes occur when a little gland in the brain called the hypothalamus goes a bit off-kilter.

The hypothalamus controls and regulates your temperature, so if it’s getting warmer outside, this little gland will have a lot more trouble keeping your temperature balanced too. As a result, you end up getting more hot flashes or they get more severe than usual.

A really simple tip for this is—drum roll please—drink more water. A lot of you forget to increase your water intake when the weather gets warmer, and more hot flashes will dehydrate you more, in turn triggering even more of them. Then there’s the night sweats: if it’s hot at night and you can’t sleep because you’re much too hot, that can trigger night sweats.


If you’re not sleeping well, you’re going to be more tired the next day and there’s nothing worse than feeling grumpy when you’re on vacation. Add to that the fact that it’s sometimes hard to sleep in a strange bed or a strange place because you’re not quite sure where you are half the time. Consider remedies such as Deep Sleep just to help you to get off to sleep a bit more easily. This remedy is especially good if you’re flying across time zones and find that you’re jetlagged at the start of your trip.


What do we all do when we’re on vacation or when the weather is really nice? We eat more and drink more, and unfortunately, not necessarily the healthiest foods.

You’re on vacation, maybe at an all-inclusive resort, probably eating yourself silly: extra cake, extra booze and foods you’re not used to. If you’re taking a staycation, it’s no better: barbecues, processed foods, really salty foods, soft drinks and again more alcohol. In the afternoon, there’s all those lovely little café patios. You might be more inclined to sit outside and have an extra cup of coffee with a nice piece of cake, which is going to disrupt your sleep and maybe trigger more hot flashes. So it’s really important to watch what you’re eating and drinking during the summer and try to be just a little bit more vigilant.


When it’s hot, we tend to sweat more, which is why many people use antiperspirants. The problem with that is that they can block your pores, preventing you from sweating and potentially contributing to symptoms such as hot flashes. Using a natural deodorant will keep you nice and fresh, while allowing you to sweat naturally, which is better for you overall.


Next up is anxiety, especially you’re travelling. I love travelling. Just put me on a plane and I’m quite happy to go anywhere. Nonetheless, it can still be quite stressful.

You’re rushing to the airport, hoping you won’t be late. You don’t want to miss the flight and there’s all these people lining up, pushing and trying to board before you. So your anxiety level can shoot up a little bit.

And during menopause, your perception of things can change and what once wouldn’t have bothered you can now cause feelings of panic and anxiety. You might suddenly find that you’re getting more anxious because you’ve got to fly, something that never bothered you before. And as I said, just being around all these people can  give rise to panic attacks.

What can you do?
Consider remedies such as Passion flower and Avenaforce. Remember that when you’re on a plane, especially on a long-haul flight, you can  pick up a lot of bugs. I know that if I don’t take my Echinacea, I end up with some kind of throat infection. To help avoid that sort of thing, consider remedies such as Echinaforce sore throat spray, which you can take on board with you. Just a few squirts will help protect you from picking up anything nasty that’s floating around in the plane.

Digestive problems

Let’s talk about digestive problems. A lot of women have digestive problems to start with, and obviously, if you’re eating all these different foods, including some you’ve never had before, you might worry that you’ll end up with diarrhea or turista. Again, just be a little bit more aware of what and how you’re eating.

Remember to chew everything really well and relax while you’re eating. One of the good things to take with you on vacation is a probiotic supplement. We also have our Digestive Aid Complex – Boldocynara, which is also good to have on hand. It’s probably a good idea to start taking them a couple of weeks before you go so your digestion will be in tip-top shape before you  start abusing it.

Remember your liver!

To keep your body nice and balanced and healthy, remember your liver! If you’re on one of those lovely cruises or at an all-in resort and you’re eating and drinking a lot more, you might just come back from your vacation not feeling at all rested or energized. And it’s purely because your liver has been overtasked. So taking Boldocynara on vacation with you and having a dose or two every day will help support your liver.

Skin problems

Skin problems can be pretty common during the summer months. Menopause can make your skin a lot more sensitive to everything, so you might find that your sunscreen gives you a rash.

Menopause can also make your skin thinner, which will affect the way you tan. It’s amazing how many women have told me, “I don’t understand. My skin has started burning this year, and I’m using exactly the same sunscreen.” So you might find that you have to boost the SPF a bit to make sure you don’t burn. Simply put, be really careful if you’re doing a lot of sunbathing.

It’s also common to get hives while you’re on vacation. Very often, you’ll end up with a rash, one that’s really lumpy, bumpy and hot and feels very, very uncomfortable, so much so that it can spoil your whole vacation. Nettle is a fantastic remedy for hives. Again, start taking it a week or two before you go away just to get everything nice and calm. And take some nettle tea bags with you because you can have a cup or two every day to help prevent hives. Since hives can also be caused by dehydration, remember to drink plenty of water for your skin’s benefit too.


So whether you’re vacationing in Canada or abroad,

  • You’ll want to prepare yourself for the worst by drinking plenty of water.
  • Watch what you eat and drink, especially alcohol and foods high in salt and sugar.
  • Care for your skin, and make sure you’re well protected if you’re out in the sun or doing a lot of sunbathing.
  • Try to exercise every day. I know that when you’re on vacation, the last thing you want to do is run a marathon or go for a jog. But if you’re lying around, eating and drinking a lot more, the weight might pile on while you’re on vacation. Even a brisk, half-hour walk at some point during the day can be enough to keep your metabolism in tip-top shape.
  • Watch how you sleep too. Drink some extra water before bed and keep cool if you can.
  • Keep your anxiety in check, whether you’re travelling or just extra busy during the summer looking after your grandkids, which can be fun but stressful too.

And remember to take with you any herbs and supplements that you normally take, because you could end up somewhere halfway through your vacation and think, “Oh, no, I forgot my sage tablets and I’m getting hot flashes.” So don’t forget to pack your herbs and supplements!

Have a lovely summer vacation!

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