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All Year Health Resolutions

by Sonia Chartier, on 15 December 2016, Digestion, Healthy Eating

Every year millions of us make resolutions, with health objectives often at the top of our list, whether it’s to quit smoking, reduce caffeine intake, drink less alcohol, eat healthier, drink more water, lose weight or exercise more…

But resolutions are sometimes easier said than done, with many of us not even keeping them beyond the end of January…

So instead of hard to keep resolutions, why not try small, effective health changes you can actually stick to whether it’s just for a day, a week or even a whole month.

Here are some ideas for you to try:

Try it for a day

Chew each mouthful you eat 20 times. This will seem impossible at first, but if you stick with it you’ll find your digestive system is far more comfortable and you’re less hungry too. If digestion is a sore point for you, try taking Boldocynara tincture before each meal.

Don’t eat anything white unless nature made it white. That means no white sugar, white flour, white pasta, white pastry…   Eat the wholegrain and wholemeal versions for a day. They are more filling and more nutritious, and give you B vitamins to help you deal with stress.

Eat one food from each colour of the rainbow. They must be naturally that colour! Naturally colourful foods contain antioxidants that are superb for your skin, your heart, and your vision.

Try it for a week

Replace refined sugar (cakes, cookies, chocolate) with dried fruit. Dried fruit is sweet and delicious, but instead of rotting your teeth and wrecking your diet, it gives you heaps of useful nutrients such as iron, to give you energy and keep your appetite under control. Try jumbo golden sultanas, Muscat raisins, Medjool dates, dried pineapple, papaya, and mango. Yum.

Drink 1.5 litres of still, plain water, ensuring that you leave at least 10-20 minutes between meals and the water to avoid diluting your digestive juices. For the first couple of days you will probably run to the loo more than usual, but after that you’ll find you feel energized and your skin looks better. You should see a gradual reduction in the bags under your eyes too! Drink Golden Rod tea to give your urinary tract some support.

Don’t eat anything after 7pm. Finish your dinner and that’s it. Your stomach will thank you; you’ll have a better sleep; and you’ll probably lose a few pounds. Sumo wrestlers gain their dramatically large silhouette by eating heaps in the evenings. Avoiding the evening snacks will reduce the likelihood of copying their waistline!

Try it for a month

Take a bitter herb remedy before each meal to support your digestion. Bitter herbs help the stomach start secreting juices. The bitterness sends the signal to the brain to get the whole digestive tract—the liver, the pancreas, and the intestines—on the lookout for incoming food.

Studies have confirmed that getting an adequate amount bitter flavor is important for digestive balance. Eating bitters regularly has been shown to soothe gas and bloating, calm upset stomach and nausea, balance appetite, etc.

Add no salt to any of your food. Initially things will seem rather tasteless, but by the end of the month you’ll wonder how you ever tackled a bag of crisps.

Walk for 10 minutes every day. Open your front door, walk away from your house for 5 minutes, turn round and come back. Easy. You’ll be amazed how much more energized and fit you feel from this tiny amount of exercise done every day without fail.

If you have already set your own healthy resolutions, we would love to hear about them.

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