Aromatic massage for children

Aromatic massage benefits children in so many ways, not to mention providing them with moments of wellbeing, comfort and relaxation. It's especially useful for children who are nervous or stressed, or those who have trouble relaxing at bedtime and falling asleep. Yet depending on the essential oils you choose, aromatic massage can also help energize a tired body.

Essential Oils

Claudie Gagnon
Claudie Gagnon

30 September 2021

Aromatic massage formula for promoting peaceful sleep and calming nervous agitation

Children are especially sensitive and receptive. To get a good night's sleep, they often need to be calmed and comforted at bedtime. Kids can have nightmares and, just like adults, sometimes experience nighttime stress that keeps them from sleeping well. Here's a beneficial aromatic essential oil blend, also known as a synergy, used when massaging young children to help them fall asleep.

Calming Nighty-Night Formula

  • 3 drops lavender essential oil
  • 2 drops mandarin zest essential oil
  • 30 ml sweet almond oil

Lavender essential oil is very safe, even for young children. Lavender's comforting and soothing scent promotes peaceful sleep. (1)(2) Lavender is very gentle even on sensitive and fragile skin, making it perfect for the wee ones.

Mandarin essential oil is obtained from the zest of this popular citrus fruit; it promotes deep relaxation when used in a massage. Its calming qualities are undeniable and its delicate fruity smell is very appealing to children. (1)(2)

Sweet almond oil has properties that soften and protect the skin. It's particularly suitable for fragile, sensitive and irritated skin. (1)(2) When it comes to caring for children, this essential oil is a must-have.

Where and how to apply: Promote relaxation by massaging along the spine, on the solar plexus (clockwise) and on the arches of the feet. (2)(3)
Depending on your child's age and size, apply 10 to 15 drops of the mixture before bedtime or as needed late in the day. Suitable for children age 3 or over.

Massage formula for increasing focus

After a long day in the classroom, children often have trouble concentrating on homework and school-related tasks. To focus and boost children's energy, the following essential oil synergy is perfect for massages.

  • 1 drop lavender essential oil
  • 2 drops marjoram essential oil
  • 4 drops balsam fir essential oil
  • 30 ml sweet almond oil

Lavender essential oil: Its soothing scent helps to create better conditions to promote cognitive development.

Marjoram essential oil: When used in massage, marjoram essential oil helps restore balance, while also toning and relaxing. (2)

Balsam fir essential oil: Thanks to the alpha-pinene molecules it contains, it promotes joy and liveliness while toning the body. (3) A massage with balsam fir essential oil re energizes and boosts alertness, without overstimulating the body.

Where and how to apply:

Depending on your child's age (as of 5 years of age), apply 5 to 10 drops of the mixture, massaging clockwise on the solar plexus and under the arch of the foot (rooting and anchoring). (2)(3) Apply before homework or other, more intellectual tasks requiring calm and concentration.

Some children practice meditation or conscious relaxation with their parents. Essential oils are very useful for these purposes because, when selected carefully, they promote well-being, peace and grounding.

Try blending the following essential oils with avocado oil and apply on the chest, the arch of the foot and the inside of the wrists:

  • 1 drop sweet orange essential oil: calming, balancing, promoting feelings of joy and lightness.
  • 1 drop lavender essential oil: calming, promotes relaxation of the body and a feeling of security and peace.
  • 15 ml avocado oil: penetrating and nourishing, it tones, regenerates and softens skin tissue while soothing and preventing irritation.

Note: Citrus zest essences such as those from mandarin and orange are skin photosensitizing. Avoid sun exposure for at least six hours after applying.

We hope these simple but effective aromatic formulas for different purposes have piqued your interest. Thanks to the benefits and fragrances Mother Nature has provided through these essential oils, your children will benefit greatly and enjoy improved energy, equilibrium and mood.

Making the aromatic synergy

  • In a glass bowl disinfected with alcohol, combine the essential oils and vegetable oil using a spatula.
  • Using a small funnel disinfected with alcohol, pour the blend into a brown glass dropper bottle. 
  • Your mixture is ready to use.


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