Diffusing fall-inspired essential oils

With fall upon us, our scenic landscapes are wowing us with their dazzling colours and inspiring us to gather around comforting meals, put on an extra sweater and go out for long walks in nature. Our forests, veritable impressionist paintings where colours interact and blend harmoniously in a variety of warm hues, also provide us with an incomparable olfactory experience.

Essential Oils

Claudie Gagnon
Claudie Gagnon

26 October 2020

In the fall, especially in forests and woodlands where countless plants and trees exude their aromas, mossy, woody, earthy and resinous scents dominate. These natural fragrances lower our stress levels, relaxing and re-energizing us, while encouraging us to slow down and take care of ourselves. Diffusing essential oils that remind us of these natural scents and autumn fragrances is a must to recharge our batteries and de-stress.

The benefits of diffusing essential oils

Diffusing essential oils at home and work brings undeniable pleasure to the senses, while producing a positive effect on tension, the stress of daily life and your overall health. A range of devices can be used for this purpose. One of them is the ultrasonic water nebulizer. A vibrating surface, activated by ultrasonic waves, diffuses extremely fine particles of essential oils into the atmosphere.

This type of diffuser has the combined advantages of being silent and easy to clean. They can also be programmed to go into action at variable time intervals. While they are straightforward to operate, it's important to know which essential oils are suitable for use in a diffuser and which are less or not at all suitable. Regardless, it's important to get your synergies right to strike the right olfactory balance—you want them to smell good—and ensure that they're also safe from a health perspective.

Here are a few suggestions for blends that will bathe you in the scents of the forest—perfect for regaining your balance and inner peace while pleasantly invigorating your body and mind.

Sacred coniferous forest

Place this synergy, with around 250 ml of water, in the receptacle of the Aromaforce ultrasonic diffuser. Do not diffuse continuously. Refer to the instructions included with the diffuser.

This synergy is both tonic and oxygenating thanks to the balsam fir and its slightly camphorated balsamic fragrance. Likewise, pine essential oil has a fresh but slightly more resinous scent reminiscent of the wide open spaces of the North. Mandarin essential oil provides sweetness and envelops the senses in its subtle, fruity and calming scents. Note that, from an aroma perspective, citrus essential oils combine wonderfully with conifer essential oils.

Purifying and bracing

This synergy, with its lemony, green and herbaceous scent, is characterized by its bracing nature and fresh aromas, which invigorate and revive all the senses.

The branches and leaves of the cypress tree are distilled to obtain a remarkable essential oil. Its heady, clean and bright aroma can help you refocus when your thoughts are all over the place. Overall, it provides a sense of harmony—perfect if you often feel tense.

Rosemary essential oil invigorates the body, making you want to jump into action. This purifying and clarifying oil has a slightly spicy camphor note that warms and cools simultaneously. Rosemary, a plant native to sunny Mediterranean regions, brings joy and warmth to your home when used in an aromatic blend.

Lemon complements the two above-mentioned oils through its fresh, stimulating and energizing aroma, providing lightness and notes of sunshine to the blend.

Lemon zest essential oil enlivens and gives a sparkling touch to the synergy.
(See above for instructions regarding the diffuser.)

Fall, sweet fall

The energy of this blend conveys autumnal comfort which, like a gentle caress, calms and soothes the senses. When orange essential oil is added to the blend, its luscious, gentle and childlike aroma soothes and softens. Juniper, with its woody and balsamic scents, provides balance, stability and comfort through its aromas combining pine and other fresh, revitalizing forest scents.
(Refer to the first synergy for instructions regarding the diffuser.)

I hope I've managed to arouse your curiosity with these synergies inspired by the woody scents of fall, and I hope you can take time to delight in these inspiring natural fragrances—they can bring a hint of the great outdoors into your home while providing a wide range of benefits.

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