Empty Nest Syndrome

Empty nest syndrome is a time in many women’s lives where they can feel a lost sense of purpose, lonely and confused about their feelings.

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Sonia Chartier

15 May 2015

Stress levels may increase and coping with day-day issues may seem more difficult due to changes in motivation or mood. This phase of life creeps up on people gradually, so it’s easy to be unaware of what’s going on. More awareness and discussion will prevent women feeling isolated and as if they’re the only one unable to cope.

Helena’s story

Let’s consider Helena, a bright, intelligent career woman with a lovely husband, comfortable home, good job and children successfully working their way through University.  Her health may not be percent perfect but she’s always been active and rarely off sick. Taking all that together with the fact that she has enough money for her family’s needs, and you’d think she’d be  pretty happy. Not so.

Helena herself doesn’t know why it is, but she’s been miserable and irritable  for quite a while. Her job has always been high pressure and nothing has changed, but she can’t handle it the way she used to, and almost welcomes the chance to take some time off sick when she gets the flu. Not sleeping well and aware that she’s eating the wrong things, she’s increasingly feeling out of control. This isn’t like her and it worries her even more. Driven  by her increasing problems with weight, she visits a nutritional therapist who takes a detailed case history. In the course of this consultation, Helena explains that her daughter is already away at University, and her son is about to leave home to begin University himself. Her daughter won’t be coming home after her degree – she’s got engaged and has moved in with her boyfriend.

Helena’s blood sugar is all over the place, partly as the result of her recent poor dietary choices. This makes her irritable and leaves her prey to mood swings and cravings for artificial stimulants such as caffeine and sugar. Obeying those cravings has upset her gut bacteria, resulting in thrush, which is a constant irritant and makes sex unappealing. Helena has spent the last 25 years or so focusing on everyone else but herself. She is experiencing a sense of loss at the gradual emptying of the house. Encouraging her to refocus on what she would like to do with the time and energy that used to go into looking after her children’s immediate practical and emotional needs,

Helen slowly begins to embrace this new stage of her life, along with getting her health back on track. Together with her husband, they begin to explore new interests and activities that they have’t had time to pursue.  Helena is now happier and lighter, enjoying salsa dancing with her husband. It’s great when the kids come home, but it’s also good to have some time without them!

Natural Remedies

For Helena’s case, A.Vogel Molkosan and Anti-Stress tablets were recommended as nutritional support to help get her back on track. A.Vogel Molkosan will restore the correct balance of gut bacteria in Helena’s lower intestine. She will find that her bowel moves better and will notice less of the bloating and itching that have made things so uncomfortable for her. This dietary supplement also contains many nutrients that contribute to overall health.

Anti-Stress tablets will reduce the nervous tension and anxiety and improve Helena’s mood. Together with more balanced blood sugar levels, this will make her feel a great deal cheerier and in control. In addition, Helena is advised that initially she should eat every four hours to support her blood sugar levels, chewing her food well and never eating on the run. She is to avoid refined carbohydrates and all forms of caffeine in order to keep her adrenalin levels low and her blood sugar stable.

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