Great Tips for an Energising Breakfast

To some, breakfast signifies the most important meal of the day.

Healthy Eating

Cortney Good
Desiree Abecassis

04 July 2020

Blood sugar level stabilization

A healthy breakfast can help to regulate your blood sugar levels and keep them stable throughout the day. Including this meal may help you avoid insulin resistance, and help to prevent more serious blood sugar imbalances down the road.

Establishing healthier eating habits

A nutritious breakfast can help you meet your daily requirements for fruit and vegetables. Consider a healthy smoothie and how many nutrient dense foods you can pack into it. Bio-Strath Elixir makes for a wonderful superfood addition to any smoothie as it can help you beat fatigue and elevate your energy levels due to the abundance of nutrients contained in the unique formula.

Metabolic kickstart and weight stabilization

Kickstarting your metabolism early in the morning can help you burn calories all day long. On the other hand, skipping breakfast signals to your body to retain those extra calories. 4 According to one study, people who skip breakfast tend to gain extra weight. It may result in overeating and snacking late at night to compensate for feelings of hunger.

A boost in energy levels

Those who eat breakfast display an improvement in physical activity in the morning over those who skip it. Now we are not just talking about any old breakfast here but it's critical to ensure that the breakfast you consume is a whole food based breakfast abundant in the important macronutrients: complete protein, complex carbohydrates, healthy fats and rich in fiber. 

What makes for an energizing breakfast?

For some, waking up feeling refreshed and well rested may seem like an impossible feat. Here are some tips to kick that energy into high gear even if you feel hopelessly tired.

  • Drink water first thing in the morning. Drinking a big glass of water first thing in the morning can help you feel clear and hydrate your body. This practice will not only help you flush toxins that were accumulating through the night but it will also help your body maintain a healthy flow of oxygen that will allow you to feel more energised and refreshed.
  • Choose breakfast foods which supply you with abundant energy. Consuming an energising breakfast can help you start your day feeling strong, energized and ready to conquer the day.
    Including the right foods in your breakfast meal will allow you to experience abundant energy::
    • Fresh Juice. Fresh Organic Biotta juices make a great addition to any breakfast as the organic fruits and vegetables used are packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that fuel the body optimally.
    • Oatmeal. For carb lovers, oatmeal is a wise breakfast choice. Oats contain a unique fiber called beta-glucans. This fiber can lower cholesterol and contributes a feeling of fullness all day long. Oats are loaded with antioxidants that can support cardiovascular health and help to lower blood pressure.
    • Berries. Berries are delicious and packed with the antioxidants - anthocyanins that may protect your heart, help you age better and prevent oxidative stress.
    • Protein-Rich Foods. Including protein will help keep you feeling full and satisfied for longer as compared to a low protein breakfast. Consuming at least 30 g of protein slows the release of the hormone ghrelin which induces feelings of hunger. Having protein-rich foods at breakfast also increases the release of satiety hormones, helping you feel fuller throughout the day.
      • Eggs. Eggs are hearty, healthy, filling, and delicious. According to one study, consuming eggs at breakfast promotes a feeling of fullness, decreases calorie intake at your next meal, and helps to maintain consistent blood sugar and insulin levels.
        According to a study, men who ate eggs for breakfast reported that they felt more full and ended up consuming fewer calories throughout the rest of the day than those who ate a bagel.
      • Nut butters. One of the easiest ways to add protein into your breakfast is to add in some nut butter. Natur offers the highest quality nut butters, free of poor quality oils, refined sugars or artificial stabilizers.
        Natur's Almond butter. Provides a great source of vitamin E, plant protein and monounsaturated fat. It's a great substitute for those who have peanut allergies.
        Natur's Peanut Butter. Is made from the highest quality dry roasted peanuts. In a recent study, adding peanut butter to breakfast helped heavy women feel more full and experience fewer cravings for 8 to 12 hours after consuming it. Peanut butter may help to stabilize blood sugar levels while boosting satiety hormones.
        Some creative ways to consume Natur's Natural Almond or Peanut Butter:
        • On whole grain bagels, muffins, pancakes or waffles
        • On fresh fruit such as on apple, pear or banana slices
        • On fresh vegetables such as on a celery stick
        • In oatmeal
        • In plain yogurt
        • Added to shakes and smoothies
        • Added to savory dishes, condiments, sauces. A fantastic addition to Thai dishes.

Common Breakfast Mistakes to Avoid

  • Depending on Caffeine for Energy. Drinking coffee on an empty stomach tends to increase the production of stomach acid. Too much stomach acid can make those with sensitive stomachs feel nauseous or sick.
    Caffeine is a stimulant but the body adapts to caffeine, building a tolerance level. That can create dependence as those who are hooked will require more and more caffeine for energy as their tolerance adapts. Rather than filling yourself with caffeine, try to consume healthy and energising drinks that provide higher energy levels and a better mood.
  • Consuming only simple carbohydrates. If you get hungry after eating a bowl of cereal or slice of toast with jam, there is a reason why. Keeping your blood sugar from fluctuating by consuming a healthy balance of protein, fat and carbs will help your body function at its best.
    What happens when breakfast contains too many refined carbs? Regularly breaking a fast with refined carbs only could lead to spikes in blood sugar, which can put stress on the pancreas.
  • Eating Plain Cereal and Milk. Boxed cereal options are processed and contain refined sugar and added chemicals. Sugary cereal can cause an energy crash soon after it is consumed. 


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day when prepared well with the right choices in mind, can have numerous health benefits and can keep you energized for a good part of your day.


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