His prostate + Her menopause = Sleep problems?

Why would so many women benefit from getting their men Prostate 1 to reduce the symptoms of prostate enlargement?

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Sonia Chartier

15 February 2015

Not just because they care for their men’s health and want them to be happier and healthier, but also because a healthier prostate gland for the husband means fewer night time trips to the loo and therefore less interruption of their own night’s sleep!


If you’re already having disturbed nights due to menopausal flashing, this is particularly pertinent because the last thing you need is your husband breaking into the times you actually manage to get to sleep, with his nocturnal micturition.

For both men and women, it’s changes in hormone levels that are causing the disturbances. For women, falling oestrogen levels can trigger hot flashes and night sweats. The menopause brings relief from heavy bleeds, period pain and PMS, but drenching sweats that can accompany these benefits can be both uncomfortable and socially embarrassing; whilst night sweats can leave them dripping wet, having to wring out the sheets and change nightclothes several times a night.

This isn’t pleasant for either the woman or her partner, and the lack of sleep that ensues contributes to a general feeling of brain fog, low mood, lack of concentration, and all-round irritability. Not good for any partnership!

Nature to the rescue

Taking Sage, can help the body to rebalance its sweat-regulating mechanism, in order to prevent the worst of the sweats. Many women find that this is all they need to keep the situation under control until the menopause passes. As it is very safe and easy to take, it makes a sensible solution to a problem that can wreak sleep, energy levels and confidence.

Take it daily, either with breakfast, lunch and dinner if the flushes come during day and night; but if the problem is predominantly at night, take it at teatime and then take a double dose just before you go to bed. This usually holds the sweats off during the night.

You can take Sage for as long as you need to.

Once the flushes have stopped, it makes sense to stop or reduce the dosage, resuming if the flushes return.  As you move through the menopause, it may become more or less necessary to use it as hormone levels rise or fall; but because it works relatively quickly, it is easy to take it up again whenever it’s needed.

And thank goodness for something that makes a full night’s sleep possible.


The reason men often find themselves targeting the loo increasing numbers of times per night is due to the fact that they possess a prostate gland (not found in women). This walnut-shaped gland nestles cosily around the neck of the bladder and, as a man heads towards fifty and hormone levels start changing, the gland starts to swell. This is an inevitable part of male ageing, and is known as Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (or BPH).

Every year, the prostate gets a tiny bit bigger, compressing the urinary tract as it leaves the bladder. This makes it increasingly difficult for urine to leave the bladder. Small amounts of urine trickle out hesitantly, with much dribbling and general feeling that there’s more to come – but it just won’t. The urine left in the bladder after one of these disappointing sessions presses on the bladder wall giving the signal that the bladder needs to be emptied. So off the chap trots again, to do another splash or two. It’s tiring, uncomfortable, and leaves him feeling as if his bladder’s still quite full, which indeed it is.

A man can be visiting the loo as much as eight times a night, with nothing to show for it but bags under the eyes and a distinct lack of cheeriness. This situation may be a natural result of ageing, but it doesn’t have to remain a problem.

Nature to the rescue

There is a natural solution: A.Vogel Prostate 1, an extract of the oily berries of the Saw Palmetto plant. This is a natural remedy traditionally used for male urinary problems, and now proven to have a positive effect on the symptoms of an enlarged prostate gland (BPH).

It works to reduce the swelling of the gland, so that urine can exit the bladder in the proper manner, resolving the discomfort and lessening those distressingly regular visits to the bathroom. Take Prostate 1 every day and within 1-2 months you should notice a definite reduction in your night time journeys to and from the loo.

A.Vogel Prostate 1 should be taken long-term, as the prostate will start to grow again once it is discontinued.

It has no side effects and is easy to take – just take a capsule once a day and let the oils of Saw Palmetto do their beneficial work and let you get some sleep.