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Stress and sleep

Don Demir
Don Demir

10 June 2020

Vicious circle of stress

Many people find the pace of modern life extraordinarily fast, throwing up continual challenges as to how to cope with the on-going demands on their physical, emotional and mental resources. This brings up the need for remedies that can soothe and strengthen the nervous system and spare the adrenal glands.

For many, one hand feeds the other, stress causes insomnia and insomnia causes stress, creating a vicious circle that's hard to break.

Long term stress is an insidious condition as it not only imparts feelings of anxiety and despair, but can also affects brain chemistry making the symptoms especially troublesome. Once this imbalance takes hold, stress sufferers often find themselves on a slippery slope. They feel fearful and burned out, and just thinking about their situation induces a greater level of anxiety and feelings of helplessness.

Making dietary and lifestyle changes such as avoiding caffeine and exercising, goes a long way to improve the condition but many find they need further help. The good news is there are natural remedies to help you stress less and sleep better: Passion Flower.

Passion flower to the rescue!

Passion flower is a tropical plant that was highly revered by the mountain people of Peru. The Spanish doctor Monardes in 1569 brought it back to Europe where is became a popular sedative and analgesic.

Passion flower is a safe and effective herbal remedy with an excellent track record of helping with the ill effects of stress. Its effects are generally considered quite gentle and can be given to children ages 4 and up. Is has been clinically proven to help calm one's nerves and reduce stress by boosting the level of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) in the brain. By reducing anxiety it has also been shown to help increase concentration levels.

In conditions of stress, the neurotransmitter serotonin declines, thus exacerbating the effects – anxiety, insomnia often ensues. Passion flower very gently, and naturally works to normalize and regulate serotonin in the brain. Users of this herb often report that their symptoms show great improvement: less anxiety, better sleep and increased sense of being able to deal with life's challenges.

In addition to helping you get through the stress of a heavy workload or tough exam periods, Passion Flower has also been shown to help ease the nervousness of patients scheduled for surgery. Patients who consumed it reported less anxiety than those who received a placebo.

Help your body and support the action of Passion Flower by avoiding artificial stimulants such as caffeine, refined sugar, nicotine and alcohol. If you find it difficult to avoid them completely, cut down and start replacing them with healthier options - drink more water and soothing herb teas such as lemon balm; eat more dried fruit instead of chocolate bars; and try a smoothie instead of reaching for coffee and biscuits.

Alfred Vogel, the famed Swiss Nature Doctor, believed that fresh, organically grown herbs have a wider and deeper action in the body. For this reason the A.Vogel Passion flower is a fresh whole plant extract that has captured all the various plant compounds that is known to exert a calming and sleep inducing effect. It is worth noting that the A. Vogel Passion Flower is GMO free, is free from gluten, sugar and lactose.

Herbal Tonic Therapies by Daniel Mowrey, Wings Books 1993


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