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Cold and Flu

Owen Wiseman

24 September 2020

When it comes to health, it is critical to start with building a strong foundation. We invest in nourishing meals, so we have the nutrients and energy needed to make it through the day. We also try our best to stick to a sleep schedule and find time for exercise. However, all semblance of routine went out the window this year and suddenly pizza for breakfast wasn't such a bad idea.

Weekend warriors or weakened warriors?

These often-overwhelming changes create a sense of stress that the body interprets as a threat. This perception of a threat then puts the body on high alert, including our immune warriors. They arm themselves as they prepare to battle whatever bug is trying to invade the body. In normal circumstance, these threats typically come and go, letting the warriors return home for a little R&R. However, thanks to COVID-19 pandemic, chronic stress, even for the heartiest of our friends, became the norm.

How do we manage to function at 100%?

Going back to the foundations of health, one thing to consider is whether we are spending enough time outdoors. When you step out to catch those golden rays, the sunlight striking your skin stimulates the production of vitamin D. We know it's a critical vitamin, responsible for ensuring calcium absorption, but did you know it plays a large role in immunity? Without vitamin D, our white blood cells would have a harder time maturing. This means they might not work as effectively against invading bacteria or viruses. Research has even shown that those with healthy levels of vitamin D get sick less often and recover faster!

How does anyone have time to prepare these massive meals?

When you are trying to make sure your kids or family have a bit of routine, it can be hard to find time to meal prep as you juggle all of those roles. Certain products like Bio-Strath are whole food supplements. It has the full spectrum of B vitamins and essential amino acids amongst the profile of 60+ nutrients. It also has decades of research to demonstrate its beneficial effects on the body during periods of physical and mental stress. Bio-Strath has also been tested for ADD patients and children lacking concentration in school. This includes data showing how Bio-Strath increases the absorption of minerals, like iron and magnesium, by 6-10x the normal amount. So even when you don't have time to cook, make sure the family is getting their recommended daily nutrients.

Arm yourself against the cold & flu.

While 2020 would have you think only a single virus existed, many Canadians were battling familiar enemies including the common cold and influenza. While we've focused on supporting our foundations of health, sometimes we need a little support! Echinaforce is a tried and true remedy to tackle even the heartiest cold or flus. Grown and harvested from the rolling fields of Switzerland, the organic, fresh plants are processed into a clinically supported product.

It has been shown to reduce the need for antibiotics in children by 76%, shorten how long you battle a virus, and reduces symptom severity. Above all though, it can be used preventatively for up to four months and is safe in pregnant and breast-feeding women!


A.Vogel Echinaforce® Extra Echinacea Tablets

A.Vogel Echinaforce® Extra Echinacea Tablets

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Can be taken by pregnant and breast feeding women. Sugar- and gluten-free
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Bio-Strath® Original Elixir

Bio-Strath® Original Elixir


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Helps promote well-being by decreasing fatigue and supporting the body during periods of physical …
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A.Vogel Vegan Vitamin D3

Vegan Vitamin D3

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