Step into spring by diffusing essential oil synergies

As February rolls around, light gradually returns and the days grow brighter and longer, heralding the arrival of spring and another cycle of renewal.

Essential Oils

Claudie Gagnon
Claudie Gagnon

19 February 2021

There are a number of synergies—essential oil blends—that can help provide a glimpse of the spring light to come, this growing energy that already foreshadows the warmer days that are just around the corner.

Energizing sunny synergy

Place this blend along with 250 ml of water in the receptacle of the Aromaforce Ultrasonic Diffuser for Essential Oils.

Do not diffuse continuously. Refer to the instructions that came with your diffuser.

Bergamot essential oil's energy is definitely solar. To obtain this essential oil, the fruit's zest is cold-extracted; it contains the aromatic molecules that give it a wonderful aroma with warm, sparkling, slightly spicy-sweet accents. This fruit is the happy marriage of bitter orange and lime, a hybrid that produces a joyful, warming, mischievous essential oil that not only carries the energy of sunshine, but also revitalizes, comforts and calms the mind.

Lemongrass, for its part, has fresh and herbaceous notes: sweet and incisive, distinctly lemony and fruity. Bright and sunny, this essential oil evokes reverie and spontaneity. Its very uplifting and revitalizing side makes it an oil of choice in this synergy.

Lastly, the hint of spearmint contributes to the blend's cool side, contributing a pleasantly light mint aroma while remaining discreet.

Thanks to its luminous and inspiring side, this synergy can be diffused in the morning to get your day off to an energetic start.

And given that energy levels naturally tend to drop off as the day progresses, the synergy can also be diffused in the afternoon. Diffusing this blend helps energize your body and mind while harmonizing your mood.

Regenerating synergy

Place this blend with around 250 ml of water in the receptacle of the Aromaforce ultrasonic diffuser.
Do not diffuse continuously. Refer to the instructions that came with the diffuser.

Lemon essential oil is a hugely versatile oil that lends itself well to a variety of synergies and has a cool, refreshing side that just radiates cleanliness.

Providing energy and optimism, lemon essential oil is a useful addition to this synergy: it brings clarity of mind and lightens by revitalizing the body.

Pine essential oil comes from a resinous tree of the Pinaceae family. Native to Europe, the tree is known for its characteristic ochre-coloured trunk, sometimes with an orange tinge. Its needles and twigs yield a particularly useful essential oil.
A symbol of longevity and light, the pine also evokes resilience, strength and balance. Its essential oil, with its rather masculine energy, nevertheless remains modulated by fresh, airy, grounding fragrances that effectively serve to clarify, energize and evoke wide open spaces.

Rosemary essential oil, on the other hand, as a plant that stems from warm and sunny climes, has this warmth in its core. Its branches are distilled to produce its essential oil. As rosemary is a hardy, vigorous plant that can withstand different climatic conditions, it's a good representative of vitality.

Its essential oil is invigorating, fresh, herbaceous and sturdy. Generating strength and momentum, rosemary helps you get things done. Its presence in the synergy gives it a unique and fresh tonic touch that provides you with a little boost when your energy drops or you're feeling blue.

Just like the previous synergy, this diffusing blend gives you pep to boot. This synergy regenerates the whole body, providing it with alignment and well-being.

Thanks to the wonderful properties of the selected essential oils, these two blend suggestions infuse the body, heart and mind with vitality.

Several oils carry solar energy. They thus regenerate the being as a whole, in impatient anticipation of a sweet spring and the blossoming of its elements.

While we bide our time in the cold, we need to nourish ourselves with beautiful surroundings that are at once comforting, warm and full of vitality. It is essential to look after this energy that dwells within us. Diffusing essential oils can play a valuable role in this.

Wishing you comfort, well-being, realignment and pleasure!


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