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3 tips to beat jetlag

by Owen Wiseman, H.BSc., on 17 January 2018, Stress and sleep

That trip across the Atlantic to fulfill your lifelong dream of walking through the ruins of Rome has left you feeling out of sorts at work. You find yourself nodding off during the day, but up until the wee hours of the morning.

You’ve been more irritable than normal and the persistent constipation definitely isn’t helping.

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10 ways to get a restful night’s sleep with hay fever

by Dominique Vanier, B.Sc.H., M.Env.Sc., on 29 June 2017, Allergies, Stress and sleep
restful night’s sleep

As we move into the thick of summer season, pesky hay fever symptoms continue to wreak havoc for those who suffer from seasonal allergies, even at night.

For hay fever sufferers, the summer months can be unbearable because these months are typically plagued by pollen – a chief environmental allergen that causes allergy symptoms in susceptible individuals.

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