A.Vogel Green Server

A.Vogel websites powered by sustainably-produced electricity from Rätia Energie

It is widely known that A.Vogel’s cultivation and harvesting of medicinal plants, together with the production of natural remedies and food is as natural as possible. And now this also applies to the management of our websites. A.Vogel has created the “Green Server” label especially for this purpose. It will be used on the A.Vogel websites to clearly identify the company’s commitment to nature and health.

Virtualisation and energy efficiency

To keep the resources required for running the A.Vogel/Bioforce websites as low as possible, A.Vogel also uses server virtualisation. This enables the best possible use to be made of existing resources (CPUs, memory). When choosing hardware components too, maximum efficiency is the guiding principle so that as little electricity as possible is wasted as heat. The operation of a website requires more than just a server – a rapid Internet connection is also essential. A.Vogel therefore operates its servers in one of Switzerland’s best computing centres which, as a member of the organisation known as “The Green Grid”, satisfies high standards of energy efficiency.

A.Vogel’s websites are operated in 12 countries worldwide, and their number is growing constantly. To protect the environment, all of the websites' hosting infrastructures are powered by ecologically-produced electricity. What has always been a matter of course for natural remedies and food products from A.Vogel is now also being used for the globally-operational company's websites: the sustainable use of nature and its resources lies at the heart of everything we do.


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