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Aesculus hippocastanum

Inspiring words from Alfred Vogel – The Nature Doctor
“While trekking through the Amazon… It has been raining for days… I have the most awful rash on my ankles… I didn’t notice being bitten by bugs and I assume the rash was a result of an allergy caused by friction of my ankles against my rubber boots. Humidity is beyond imagination and every breath is intoxicating. I have been guided through jungle paths for over 3 weeks and I have been scratching my ankles at every stop. They are bleeding and swollen…

One of the attendant natives noticed. He came to me, removed my boots and disappeared in the jungle to come back with a handful of green leaves with small round shells that looked like Chinese lanterns. He, then, proceeded to mash the entire plant and applied the green mud to my swollen, painful and stinging ankles. I immediately felt a soothing coldness and the itching as well as the pain was gone in less than five minutes.

That night after supper the skin on my ankles was back to normal. The Medicine man of the tribe brought me a canister filled with this green mud and told me to use it every day for the balance of my stay. I followed his instructions and the allergy did not reappear…”

Many of Alfred Vogel’s formulations are based on personal experiences with native medicine followed up research in a modern context. Alfred Vogel was introduced to “Cardiospermum Halicacabum” by the jungle natives and today, 4 of his combination remedies contain this plant: one of which is sold in Canada under the name Allergy Relief, the finest natural allergy remedy.


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