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Alfred Vogel devoted a great deal of his time to whey and from 1947 he repeatedly reported its positive effects in his magazine, A.Vogel's Gesundheits-Nachrichten (Health News).  In his standard work, The Nature Doctor, which appeared in 1952, he continually praised "cheesewater" and assured readers that, "Once someone finds out about the possible effect of whey concentrate, he knows it is to be valued."  Indeed, had it not been for Vogel, few of us would know exactly what whey is. 

Finding it of great benefit to his patients, he began experimenting with ways of preserving the substance so that its use was not restricted to those living within reach of an alpine herd!
Vogel found a way of preserving whey by fermentation, producing a concentrated liquid with fat and protein removed. This made it suitable for those intolerant of dairy products. More importantly, this process increased the amounts of L(+) lactic acid - the substance we now know to be so very beneficial.

Vogel insisted on using whey from cows grazing on the uplands as their milk was enriched with the many herbs growing in this pastureland, and where there was no use of chemicals. The pure whey concentrate which Alfred Vogel produced, is at the origin of A.Vogel Molkosan.


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