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    Bio-Strath contains 61 vital substances naturally present in herbal yeast

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The secret of Bio-Strath herbal yeast


What is Bio-Strath?

How it all began

In his youth, the founder of the company, Fred Pestalozzi († August 4, 2014), suffered from Menière's syndrome - attacks of dizziness and tinnitus (ringing in the ears). But then, quite by chance, he came across the concentrated herbal yeast preparation from the German chemist, Dr. chem. phil. Walter Strathmeyer. A few short months later, Pestalozzi was cured and raring to go. He was delighted by this personal success and the many positive reports about the experiences of friends and family. Dr. Strathmeyer gifted him the recipe and the licence so that he could produce the natural herbal yeast-based food supplement himself. So, in 1961, Fred Pestalozzi founded Bio-Strath AG in a two-room apartment on Zurich's Langstrasse. In 1964, the company relocated to Herrliberg on Lake Zurich. The facility was extended to its present size in three construction stages. Fred Pestalozzi was guided throughout by the following four principles, which are still the mainstays of Bio-Strath AG today: 

The company principle

  • Preserving the natural state of the active substances
  • No addition of artificially produced substances
  • Natural preservation, no preservatives
  • Proof of efficacy using strict scientific criteria.


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