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The benefits of Bio-Strath in adults


The benefits of Bio-Strath in adults

As adults, the speed of life and the stresses of everyday challenges can leave a person exhausted and drained. Unfortunately, this is also when one is most susceptible to catching colds and other infections.
Some of the studies conducted on adults involved comparing the efficacy of Bio-Strath compared to the flu vaccine*. The largest decrease in feverish illnesses over the duration of the study (done in Switzerland over the Winter months) came from the participants using the Bio-Strath tablet, followed by the Bio-Strath Original formula group as compared to the flu vaccine and to the placebo group.
Therefore if you wish to:

  • Improve your physical and mental efficiency at work or at home
  • Increase your resistance to infections 
  • Compensate for less than ideal food choices 

there is a Bio-Strath product for you.

Women with a history of previous anemia or those on certain medications may require separate iron supplementation. It is interesting to note that Bio-Strath, by itself, does not contain enough iron to be  considered an iron supplement. However, it clearly optimizes the absorption and assimilation of iron from a normal, healthy diet.
Bio-Strath will minimize their dose and as a result help reduce the incidence of constipation - a side effect of iron supplementation.

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*Influenza and colds in winter: Prophylaxis with a herbal yeast preparation in comparison with influenza vaccination ("GanzheitsMedizin" 8(5), 1996, P.W. Joller)

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