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The benefits of Bio-Strath in athletes

Exercise is another pillar in the foundation of building good health.


The benefits of Bio-Strath in athletes

Bio-Strath has also been studied on its effects of optical fusion threshold, reaction time, bi-manual  coordination, recovery quotient, and physical performance on a bicycle ergo meter. These technical measurements clearly demonstrated the significant improvements made at the end of the 12-week study period by the Bio-Strath group compared to the placebo group. 

Furthermore, the Bio-Strath group expressed a 64% improvement in general well-being (energy, concentration, resistance, vitality…) as compared to only 10% reported by the placebo group.It is often said that an athlete’s success is based on both physical and mental abilities. Bio-Strath enhances both. 

Intense physical activity can bring with it, increased levels of free radicals. Free radicals are destructive molecules, which are blamed on the development of chronic diseases, ill health and accelerated ageing. Our immune system is responsible to prevent free radical damage.

“OUT OF THIS WORLD RESEARCH” confirms Bio-Strath’s immune enhancing properties even against zero gravity, when lymphocytes(specific immune cells) are inactive.Yes, NASA brought Bio-Strath into their space lab for testing. So, even astronauts can benefit from taking Bio-Strath. 

TIP: During a bike ride, a run or training, dilute Bio-Strath with your water and drink the mixture along the way Bio-Strath will help sustain you through your physical efforts.

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