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Yeasts and Candida

As we know today, the widespread, extremely troublesome Candida fungi can only multiply if the gastrointestinal environment is not in balance.


Candida and Bio-Strath

Yeast fungi, viruses and bacteria are all millions of years older than human beings. In other words, they are far ahead of us in terms of evolution and, as living organisms, they react with perfect survival strategies, among them that of creating resistance by changing their genetic codes. 

We are therefore well advised to treat them with the necessary respect: not to pursue them systematically with eradication strategies but to attempt to achieve symbiosis, coexistence for mutual comfort and convenience. 

It is in precisely this context that the qualities of the Bio-Strath products are to be found. The plasmolysed yeast is an ideal nutrient medium for healthy intestinal flora. It has a prebiotic action. 

Healthy intestinal bacteria help to prevent the penetration of excessively large numbers of undesirable germs. The intestinal flora forms an important constituent of homoeostasis. If the balance is disturbed the metabolism will shift out of kilter. 

The Candida albicans fungus cannot be digested by our gastrointestinal system. This means that multiplication is both possible and dangerous. Undesirable germs, such as Candida albicans are opened up, metabolised and eliminated by the plasmolysed yeast.

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