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Did you get your 100 nutrients today?


About your body needs

Have you ever stopped to consider how perfectly your body is created?  It’s almost like trying to contemplate infinity when you think about every action that’s taking place inside your body right now.  Your heart is beating, your lungs are controlling a complex exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide.  Your blood is delivering nutrients from your head to your toes.  Your immune system is searching out and destroying foreign matter and threats.  

Your kidneys are regulating the amount of water in your blood, while your liver is controlling various hormone levels and keeping track of energy stores.  Your eyes are delivering images to your brain which in turn is translating them and informing you of what you are seeing, while at the same time your ears are sending soundwaves to your brain which is registering what your hear.  And not one of these things is under your direct control while you are busy going about your day.

The human body is simply a miracle. Inside you are between 75 and a 100 trillion cells.  And every single one of those cells has the intelligence to know its job and perform its role perfectly.  At conception you started out as a single cell. In fact you spent about half an hour as a single cell before becoming two cells. Those two cells became four, the four became eight, the eight became sixteen until nine months later, you were the result.  

And those cells knew what to do to grow you to an adult.  Even today your growth continues because every day old cells die, and new cells are formed.  An immune cell lives for just two days, red blood cells live for four months.  Bone cells live for two years and brain cells live forever. They say every seven years you have a completely new body.

To sustain all this activity and constant renewal, your body relies on you to feed it. It needs food that is as natural as possible and full of all the nutrients it requires.  Each day you need approximately 100 nutrients comprising amino acids, vitamins, minerals, building substances and trace elements.  These are found in various quantities and combinations in fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, fish, grains, oils and nuts.  

That’s why it is so important that every day you eat a variety of these foods when they are in season, to ensure your body gets all of the 100 nutrients it needs because every day, what you eat determines the health and quality of the new cells you are forming. It’s not always easy to get that variety which is why we take supplements, to help give us what we’re lacking.  

Have you ever thought about the choice of supplement you take?  
Is it as natural as the food you should be eating or are you taking a supplement that is synthetic and only delivers vitamins without all the other nutrients?  
And how much research has been done on your supplement?  

Bio-Strath is truly unique

Firstly it’s been around for over 55 years.  Secondly it’s 100% natural and thirdly it contains 61 of the 100 nutrients we need every day.  

Bio-Strath is made from a unique selection of herbs and plants that each benefit the various systems in the body.  Being natural it is completely bio-available so nothing is wasted.  Several clinical studies have shown that Bio-Strath helps promote well-being by decreasing fatigue and support the body during periods of physical and mental stress. It is also a source of antioxidants.

No wonder Bio-Strath is trusted by hundreds of thousands of people in 67 countries around the world.   

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