Aromaforce® Frankincense

(Boswellia carterii) - resin extract

Aromaforce® Frankincense
  • Classic scent of incense, balsamic-spicy, slightly lemony with a hint of conifer.
  • Extraction method: Dilution in 50% ethanol of the resin
  • 100% pure and natural gum resin

Country of origin: Somalia

Plant part: resin  

Principal constituent(s): Terpenes, alcohol (ethanol)

Aromaforce® products are made in Canada from domestic and imported ingredients.

15mL (in stock) $ 20.59




“This product is horrible and misleading. It’s not an essential oil at all! It’s super sticky! Smells like it’s gone bad. Doesn’t come off with water or anything. It’s gross! DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT, it’s nowhere near an essential oil or the smell of frankincense. ”




“Don't buy this if you are expecting it to behave like Frankincense essential oil. It is more like contact cement. Does not dissolve. Becomes very gluey strands in water. Comes off only with great difficulty from everything it sticks to. Very weird.”

Am Dissatisfied



“By the the WORST frankincense I've ever bought. Smelled "off" and was sticky! Not a quality product. I know frankincense and it's not like this! ”


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