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8 do’s and don’ts with a runny nose


A runny nose, tearing eyes and difficulty breathing because of a congested nose is something we can do without. But what should you and shouldn't you do about nasal congestion because of a cold or the flu? Below are some do’s and don’ts.

Krista, your A.Vogel Flu Coach

Don't 1: Blow your nose very hard

Blowing your nose hard is not a good idea. It could squeeze out  unfavourable bacteria from your cavities, allowing them to happily multiply. Swallowing is much better: bad bacteria will then be destroyed by stomach acid. Do you still have to blow your nose? Then while blowing your nose, keep one nostril closed.

Don't 2: Take antibiotics for the flu

We all hope for a miracle cure, but unfortunately…antibiotics do not help with the flu. This is because the flu and is caused by a virus and antibiotics only help in the battle against bacteria.

Don't 3: Not take a congested nose seriously

Absolutely a fact! Of course nobody ever wants to complain about it but a neglected runny nose can turn into a sinus infection. When your nose runs, the mucous membranes in the nasal cavity begin to swell, the connection between the paranasal sinus and the nasal cavity can become blocked, effectively trapping in bacteria.  Bacteria can then multiply freely, leading to sinusitis. A sinus infection often causes complaints such as a heavy, pounding headache around the eyes and pressure pain in the cavities.

Don't 4: Use a cotton handkerchief

As you know, a cotton handkerchief will be full of mucus after  blowing a few times. Not very hygienic! Every time you use a cotton handkerchief, you put it back in your pocket full of bacteria. With the next blow, you bring those bacteria back to your nose.  Much better to use paper tissues and throw them away after one use.

Do 5: Steaming

Steaming has an alleviating effect on the cavities. Pour half a litre of hot water in a bowl or tub and add some drops of essential oil (ex.: eucalyptusthyme or rosemary). Breathe the steam in via your nose with a towel over your head. Feel the relief!

Do 6: Use Sinna nasal spray

Many fluish people are affected by nasal congestion.  Therefore, make sure to have a nasal spray at home. For instance, Sinna nasal spray. It relieves sinus congestion and inflammation with frontal headache and catarrh, extending to frontal sinuses as well as rhinitis.

Do 7: Put half an onion next to your bed

An onion cut into pieces next to your bed or next to your pillow helps loosen the mucus and allows you to breathe more freely.

Do 8: Take a rest!

We keep on repeating it, but take this tip to the heart. A neglected flu or cold may haunt you for weeks. Therefore, take care of yourself and rest!

Watch the video about natural support with the flu and diminished resistance from the beautiful A.Vogel Garden.

What do you think?

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