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I've been suffering from chronic sinusitis for years. I have been wearing a dust mask for few months now and it helps, but I am still experiencing sneezing and dripping of a clear and thin sort of liquid from my nose, usually for several hours after I wake up. I've been to pharmacy and all I got was pills that stop the problem only as long as I keep on taking them.

Here are affordable solutions for your sinus problems, which will help resolve the source of the sinusitis.  You should take Echinaforce from A.Vogel, Sinna and possibly Allergy Relief (if your sinusitis is the result of an allergy) from A.Vogel every day, during the entire winter, to allow the complete healing of the sinus membranes.

You should be able to eventually stop those remedies and not have sinus congestion anymore.  Sometimes, chronic sinusitis is caused by the compression of the sinus cavities, a situation that can be improved by an osteopath (2 or 3 treatments normally suffice).

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