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What should I do about a persistent dry cough?

For your cough you have two options from A.Vogel:  the Soothing Cough Syrup or Bronchosan. 

The Soothing Cough Syrup is made with Spruce buds and is presented in a syrup format.  This product is very soothing for any irritations of the throat and it helps liquefy mucus, making it easier to eliminate. 

Bronchosan is a combination of plants (ground ivy, eucalyptus, thyme, licorice, star of anise) and is in a liquid format.  It is sugar free and a better option for diabetics.  It is particularly suited for irritation or congestion in the lungs.  When people quit smoking, it can help eliminate all the old residues accumulated in the lungs. 

Along with one of those remedies, I would also take Echinaforce from A.Vogel (in any format) to help fight the infection at the root of the problem, and make sure it is all gone.  I would take these products until all symptoms are gone. 

If your cough does not seem to be caused by an infection (cold or flu), consult your doctor to determine its cause.

Krista, your A.Vogel Flu Coach

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