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I’m 60 and want to find out which foods and supplements are best for supporting my immune system?

The immune system can become a bit tired as we age and of course, as in any age group, it becomes less efficient when we are under stress or sleep badly.

There are foods that can help support your immune system and here, we are looking at the usual suspects that are any fresh fruit or vegetable. They are all good, especially kiwi fruit, berries and citrus fruit.

While it is best to obtain your vitamins from food, some people need extra supplementation. A good multivitamin is the usual starting point, along with with vitamin C, well known for its positive effects on the immune function.


Then, there is of course, Echinaforce from A.Vogel. Used as a remedy to treat symptoms of colds and flu, it works by strengthening the immune system and has become indispensible for many people over the winter months. It can be taken for the duration of the winter as a preventative measure against cold and flu.

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Krista, your A.Vogel Flu Coach

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