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Chamomile Shampoo

Chamomile Shampoo

Preserves the natural blond of children’s hair.


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Delicately cleanses your hair with a highlighting action.  Chamomile Shampoo is a pH-acid shampoo especially formulated for blond to light chestnut hair. 

260mL $ 13.99

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What is Herbatint Chamomille Shampoo ?

The Chamomile Shampoo of the Herbatint Haircare line brightens your color ensuring shine and hydration to your hair.

Bright color and full-bodied hair without altering the natural pH.

The Chamomile Shampoo revives and naturally enhances highlights in blond and light brown hair.

The combination of extracts of chamomile, rhubarb and saffron lights up your highlights. Your hair regains its splendor and softness.

The regular use and combination of Herbatint Normalising Shampoo and Royal Cream after the use of Herbatint permanent haircolour gel guarantees colour duration and intensity.

Apply it on your wet hair and gently massage. Rinse thoroughly

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