Herbatint™ "N" Series Natural Herb Based Hair Colour

The most natural permanent hair coloring gel.

  • Permanently colours hair without damage.
  • Herbatint has a natural translucent property to enhance hair with a light-reflecting, healthy shine; so it doesn't create the 'block colour' look often associated with chemical dyes.
  • Permanent herbal haircolour gel without ammonia, without paraben.

The  N (Natural) series shades colour your hair while keeping its natural colour balance, choose them if you wish to maintain and revive your natural colour.

  2N (in stock) $ 19.99

  3N (in stock) $ 19.99

  4N (in stock) $ 19.99

  5N (in stock) $ 19.99

  6N (in stock) $ 19.99

  7N (in stock) $ 19.99

  8N (in stock) $ 19.99

  9N (in stock) $ 19.99

  10N (in stock) $ 19.99

  1N (in stock) $ 19.99


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