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A.Vogel Bambu® Instant Organic

Instant coffee substitute made from fruits and cereals.


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Bambu Organic coffee substitute is an alternative to coffee, made from fruits and cereals. Ideal for people suffering from nervousness or sleeplessness. Caffeine free.

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  • Alternative to coffee
  • Ideal for people suffering from nervousness or sleeplessness.
  • Caffeine free

A.Vogel Bambu® Instant Organic

  • Alternative to coffee
  • Ideal for people suffering from nervousness or sleeplessness.
  • Caffeine free
  • 100% natural & organic

Original Swiss recipe made from 100% natural and organic ingredients.

Chicory - The thickened roots, which look like turnips, are first dried, roasted and then grounded. Chicory has been a common alternative to coffee for a long time because of its similar bitterness.

Wheat and barley – Are full of minerals and nutrients such as silicic acid. The barley is malted, i.e. moistened and brought to germination, then roasted and grounded, giving Bambu its subtle roasted aroma.

Figs – Sundried Turkish figs provide mineral nutrients, energy and their incomparable fruity taste to A.Vogel Bambu.

Acorns – Rich in tannins. The fully ripened fruits are pealed, crushed and lightly roasted.

Bambu® Coffee Substitute Benefits

  • Unlike regular coffee, Bambu® is non-additive.
  • Bambu® is caffeine-free.
  • Chicory, one of its ingredients, has a positive influence on the digestive process.
  • Can be enjoyed in the evening without risking sleeplessness.

Ideal for anyone who wants to reduce or eliminate their caffeine intake:

  • Pregnant or menopausal women
  • People suffering from a heart condition or upset stomach
  • People struggling with sleep disorders, and 
  • Hot or cold, kids and adults can enjoy its delicious taste!


Extract of roasted Chicory*, Wheat* (20%), Malted Barley*, Figs* (20%) and Acorns* (1%).

* Certified organically grown by DE-ÖKO-024.

Love the smooth flavor and that it is free from carcinogenic chemicals...

Sherry Haines

This is a good substitute for filtered coffee when you still want to enjoy the taste and experience of enjoying coffee.

I made the mistake of making my first attempt too strong and it was bitter. Next cup I eased back on the amount used and it was very good. Doesn't quite have coffee aroma,but I like having the sensation of hot coffee (especially when I want a cozy drink) without the caffeine.


allergic to wheat

I am allergic to wheat but this product does not bother me! YUMM

Kelsey Morrison

best coffee substitute

the best coffee substitute i have ever tried. It even tastes like coffee.



Excellent. Also great mixed with hot chocolate for mochas. ne, I had zero options to choose from for a coffee substitute, until I found Bambu. I am this products number one fan and don't know what I'd do without it especially on those cold winter mornings at work or at home.

hilary holmes

highly sensitive to caffeine

Being highly sensitive to caffeine, even "decaffeinated" products which still contain traces of caffeine

C. Preston


It is an excellent product

Isa Parrault

Definitely my first choice

I still drink coffee (on occasion), but Bambu is definitely my first choice.


I would recommend!

Smooth taste, very easy to enjoy as a coffee substitute. Thanks!


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