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Circulatory System Questions and Answers

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  • What causes memory loss?

    There are many factors, some of which may coincide to produce a more noticeable effect. 1. Fatigue – when you are tired, your memory and concentration are depleted. A classic example is the sleep deprivation experienced when looking after a baby. ... Read more >
  • When to consult a physician for memory troubles?

    Stress, fatigue or even drugs may have a negative impact on memory. If you or someone you know is experiencing many of these symptoms, it is advisable to consult a physician: • Difficulty in performing familiar tasks  • Poor or decreased ... Read more >
  • What is brain fog?

    Brain fog is not a medical condition per se, but rather the subjective feeling a person experiences when he or she cannot think clearly like they used to. People may complain of lacking mental clarity, forgetting things, and or feeling down or ... Read more >
  • What is the reason for memory problem?

    Memory is something that can simply be affected by age, but there is a number of other factors that can affect your memory: lack of sleep, stress, lack of exercise, high fever, epilepsy, severe alcohol intoxication, surgery, some medication (ex. ... Read more >

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