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On another site the Chinese claimed that astragalus improves heart rhythm I take from 2 to 3 caps a day and it improves my irregular heart beat and rate by 90%.

From the research available, preliminary evidence suggests that taking astragalus 20 grams orally three times daily for 2 weeks can improve cardiac output in patients with angina.
Also, an intravenous injection containing astragalus, Panax ginseng, and dong quai (Yi-qi huo-xue, China) seems to reduce the frequency and severity of angina and improve exercise tolerance.
All other researches on heart problems and astragalus either have methodology flaws or have variable results. It is good to know that you have that much improvement in your heartbeats.
Can you let me know which astragalus you are using since the quality usually have an impact on results.

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