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My varicose veins are looking like marbles and are becoming red and painful in my legs

When a vein wall weakens, it becomes distended and larger than normal, rendering ineffective the little valves that are on the inside of the vein.  Those valves normally prevent blood from going back down in the veins, and force it to move towards the heart.  When they are not working properly, the blood goes back down in the vein and puts more pressure on its walls causing them to become hard and painful. The liquid part of the blood can seep out of the veins into the surrounding tissues, causing water retention and swelling.  This liquid can cause inflammation (red) and deterioration of the surrounding tissues.

Exercise is very important because muscle contraction is what brings the blood back toward the heart.  When the muscles contract, they squeeze the veins and push the blood where there is less resistance, meaning toward the heart.  Maintaning a stationary position for long periods of time aggravates varicose veins because without regular muscle contraction the blood does not easily flow toward the heart, putting extra pressure on the veins’ wall.  If you work in a fixed position, either sitting or standing, it would help to take the time to walk around for a few minutes every hour.

Taking Venoforce Horse chestnut from A.Vogel helps tonify the veins, rendering them firmer and allowing the valves to work. It also prevents seepage from the veins to occur and damage surrounding tissues.Venaforce tablets work faster and more in-depth, but Venaforce topical gel will quickly soothe the pain.You can use those two products at the same time but do check for possible interaction if you are taking other medication

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