BioSnacky® Sprouting Seeds and Sprouters

Want to Learn How To Grow Sprouts All Year Round?

BioSnacky® Sprouting Seeds

Learn more about our different varieties of seeds plus links to delicious recipes.

Tips on How to Sprout Seeds

Sprouting seeds is a natural process that depends on the right supply of moisture, light and air. Sprouting tips

BioSnacky® Automatic Sprouters

BioSnacky sprouters make growing your own sprouts very easy and affordable.


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Sprouting Seeds and Sprouters

A.Vogel offers a whole range of top-quality organic sprouting seeds and BioSnacky® sprouters so you can grow your own fresh sprouts and fine herbs indoors all year round.

bioSnacky® Original seed sprouter

bioSnacky Three Teer Sprouter

1 Sprouter

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The classic model for sprouting enthusiasts. Made from environmentally friendly plexiglass …
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Popular Q&As

Can sprouts be stored if not eaten immediately?

If sprouts are not eaten immediately, they can be stored in a vessel in the fridge for a couple of ...
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Trays don't drain which has caused mold.

Make sure to put the siphons on very lightly. Sometimes the smaller seeds are a little more ...
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