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I haven't had a period now for over 16 months, and my doctor just says come back after I haven't had a period for two years—well, one said one year and another says two, so what am I to do? I can cope with the warm spells, as I call, them but I don't know what else to expect. I don't want to go back to the doctors about it, as I find they aren't much help.

It is now generally considered that you are through menopause after one year with no periods. In most cases, your menopausal symptoms should taper off.

However, many women find that their symptoms can last longer. Very often this is not to do with the hormones but what is called adrenal stress. This stress can cause similar symptoms to menopause and the two are often confused.

If you are experiencing only minor symptoms, especially after all this time, then it is unlikely that you will start to get more severe ones. However, it is important to keep looking after yourself, eat well and keep stress at bay if possible.

We must pay a lot of attention to supporting the adrenal system during menopause. I would suggest a good multivitamin and mineral supplement, extra magnesium such as Salus Haus liquid magnesium and a herbal stress remedy such as Passion Flower.

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